Alix Earle is the “that girl” of the moment on Instagram. She’s got everyone trying (and loving!) her get ready with me looks, from sorority girls to stay at-home moms. We’re breaking down what’s in her makeup bag and all the products she shares. Grab them before they sell-out!

alix earle makeup

Alix Earles Makeup Bag

One of the reasons everyone loves Alix is she’s just so relatable. Her GRWM videos feel like you’re facetiming your bestie and she’s filling you in on her day while you get ready together for a night out.

A signature part of her routine is her somewhat odd lash-curling and mascara application. It’s almost uncomfortable to watch, but makes you like her just a little bit more for it. Something about how her nonchalant attitude, combined with her almost monotone voice gives a casual cool that draws you in.

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