Have you guys heard of jelly fruits before? You know, those super colorful and fun gummy candies that are shaped like fruits? Yeah, those things are the best. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve indulged in a bag (or three) of these delicious treats.

But seriously, jelly fruits are seriously popular on TikTok right now. I mean, have you seen all the videos featuring them? They’re so darn cute and they make everything look so fun. Plus, they’re super affordable and easy to find at pretty much any grocery store.

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What Are Jelly Fruits and How to Enjoy Them

I remember the first time I tried jelly fruits. It was love at first bite. I mean, how could you not love a candy that’s shaped like a tiny watermelon or a cute little orange? They’re just so darn adorable. And the flavors! Oh my goodness, the flavors are out of this world. I’m a huge fan of the strawberry ones, but I’ve also tried the grape and blue raspberry flavors and they’re both amazing too.

But what I really love about jelly fruits is how versatile they are. You can use them to decorate cakes and cupcakes, throw them on top of some ice cream or yogurt, or even use them as a garnish for cocktails. I’ve even seen people use them in dance routines and lip sync videos on TikTok. The possibilities are endless with these things.


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And the best part? They’re actually pretty healthy compared to other types of candies. They’re low in calories and fat and don’t contain any artificial preservatives or additives. So if you’re looking for a sweet treat that won’t derail your healthy eating habits, jelly fruits are a great option.

If you haven’t tried jelly fruits yet, you’re missing out. They’re delicious, adorable, and super versatile. Plus, they’re relatively healthy too. Give them a try and see for yourself why they’re so popular on TikTok. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.