Adult card games are great for breaking the ice and keeping the fun going. Because what makes or breaks a party is really all about the interaction. Getting guests to engage with each other is the key to hosting a party where people won’t want to leave.

10 Adult Card Games We Love - Best Adult Games

Thankfully there are tons of fun card games that you can whip out to get the party started.  Here are a few of our favorites….

  1. What Do You Meme?
    For all your meme loving friends, this game pits players against each other in a competition to see who can create the funniest memes.
  2. CodeNames
    Two people are assigned the role of spymaster and given the secret identities of 25 agents. Competing against each other, their teammates only know these agents by codenames. Spymasters must try to get their teammates to guess all the words in a table to unlock a handful of related words. The trick is they can only use one-word clues.
  3. Cards Against Humanity
    In this hilariously offensive game, one player asks a question from the deck of black cards. The other players respond with their funniest white card.
  4. Exploding Kittens
    Avoid drawing the Exploding Kitten card by using Defuse Cards to distract the kittens.
  5. Never Have I Ever
    Want to really get to know your party friends? Just like the game you’ve probably played with your friends in college, this game asks all the embarrassing questions you can’t even think of, and more. There’s even a “parenting pack.”
  6. QuickWits
    A fast-moving fun game where players draw cards until they make a match. Once the matching cards are revealed players blurt out a quick answer that fits the category match.
  7. If You Had To...
    Similar to Would You Rather, in this game players are asked to decide between two horrible scenarios. The designated judge decides which persons answer is the worst.
  8. The Voting Game
    Kind of like high school all over again, but way more fun! In this game players are asked to vote on who they would choose as “most likely to”  in a series of questions.
  9. Hot Seat
    Ready to confess? In this game one person sits in the “hot seat” while everyone else asks personal questions they must answer about themselves. Other players answer the same question as if they were the person in the hot seat and try to guess the correct answer.
  10. Bad People
    Players read a question card out loud and decide who best fits the question. With questions like “Who is most likely to be a gold digger?” and who is “most likely to lie about their age?” eyebrows are sure to raise.</li>



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