4th of July desserts, sweet treats for your Independence Day celebration. Whether you’re planning a patriotic picnic or backyard barbecue, these dessert ideas will pair perfectly with any party. 

I love summer parties! And the biggest, best bash of the summer is always Fourth of July. Sun, fun and fireworks mixed in with lots of delicious food and cold cocktails, what could be better.

I’m sharing a few sweets I’ve made in the past for Fourth of July parties as well as my favorite Pinterest dessert recipes. There are tons and tons of fabulous red, white and blue baked goodies and dessert ideas so you’re sure to find a few to please your party crowd.

Check out this popular Fourth of July Dessert recipe — Lemon Drizzle Cake

4th of July Desserts

4th of July Desserts Fourth of July Recipes Party Ideas

Patriotic Cake Pops

Cake pops are easy to make and you can decorate them to match whatever holiday or theme you’re planning. For this batch I mixed up some red velvet cake pops with cream cheese frosting, coated in white chocolate with patriotic sprinkles. Need to know how to make cake pops? Bakerella has an awesome tutorial.

Tip: Use styrofoam inside a bucket or hot glued to a tray to hold the cake pops upright.

4th of July Desserts Fourth of July Recipes Party Ideas

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries 

A super easy dessert idea, dipped strawberries take minutes to make and look great on display. Melt chocolate candy melts and use a skewer or small fork to dip your berries. Dip again in colored sugar or sprinkles and set on wax paper. Refrigerate till ready to serve and keep in a cool spot or they’ll melt.

4th of July Desserts Fourth of July Recipes Party Ideas

How to Display Fourth of July Desserts 

The biggest part of what makes a dessert look so tempting is how it’s displayed. Your cake might taste AMAZING but if the frosting looks terrible and it’s hanging out in a box it’s probably gonna get passed over. Creating a fabulous dessert display is easy, you just need a few details.

  • Use fancy trays and tiered cake platters to set out your sweets
  • Mix up your baked goodies with store bought cookies or color matching candies
  • A piece of fabric that coordinates with your color scheme can make all the difference. Use it as a table runner or bunch around the bottom of your tiered treats. You can cut rounds to use as placemats under platters and plates.

4th of July Desserts Fourth of July Recipes Party Ideas

Candy Jars for the Common Sweet Tooth

Feel like your dessert table is looking a little drab with just a lonely cake and a batch of cookies? Fill up a few glass candy jars with red, white and blue candy to fill in the space. It’ll add instant eye appeal and is a great sugar fix for guests who don’t want a filling dessert.

4th of July Desserts Fourth of July Recipes Party Ideas

Printed Personal Touches

Creating a few custom labels will give your party a polished, personal feel. Put out labels for the desserts, hang pretty punch tags from the candy jars and stick a personalized label on a few treat bags. Guests always appreciate the special touch.

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