There are only a few 3 year old toys that can hold my son’s attention for longer than two minutes. Even fewer that he and his older brother can actually play with together! The Magformers Backyard Adventure Set passes both tests…..

3 Year Old Toys- Magformers Magnet Play Sets

My son is at the age where he could spend hours creating block towers just to tear them apart and start all over again tomorrow. It’s fun to watch their minds work, little hands looking for ways to connect and construct.

We’ve been big fans of the Magformers magnet sets for awhile! They are well-made, colorful play sets that come in lots of fun themes. Each piece is made with an “always-attracting” magnet encased in premium plastics. All their sets are created in compliance with the strictest U.S. safety standards. Magformers is a favorite among educators and moms alike.

3 Year Old Toys- Magnet Blocks play sets

The Magformers Backyard Adventure Set is a new addition to their popular line of playsets. It includes over 60 different pieces, but it’s more than just simple squares or circles! It also comes with people, structures and even real working lights. Flowers, brick walls, ladders – you name it! The swing and seesaw are super cute and moveable.

3 Year Old Toys- gifts for toddlers

Best Toys for 3 Year Olds

I love toys that inspire kids to use their imagination and engage their curiosity! Magformers are a great screen-free way to entertain kids of all ages. My boys both love these building sets. They’re one of the few things they’ll actually play with together, despite the 5 year age difference.

3 Year Old Toys- best toys for three year olds

3 Year Old Toys- best toys for three year olds

Magnet Blocks

Magformers are awesome for teaching colors and shapes as well. Beckham loves pointing out the circles, squares and triangles. He sorts and groups the pieces and matches colors to make his own designs. These sets are so great for strengthening motor skills, imaginary role play and encouraging cooperative play. If you’re looking for fun toys for a 3 year old or fun preschool activities, Magformers sets are a great choice!

Magformers Backyard Adventure Set

Includes Idea Booklet. MSRP: $74.99; ages 3+.

3 Year Old Toys- best toys for three year olds

3 Year Old Toys

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