We received our Worry Eaters toy for the purpose of writing a kids toy review. All thoughts opinions are my own.

Do you remember the things you were afraid of as a child? I remember being afraid of the dark, worrying that something was in the closet just waiting till I fell asleep so it could pop out and snatch me up.

All children have their own fears and worries, big and small. Sometimes it’s not so easy for kids to share their fears with adults so they keep them locked away. All the while their fears bring on stress that can turn into moodiness, sleeplessness and cause more anxiety. Worry Eaters are a way for parents to help their child deal with their fears and feel more comfortable talking about them.

Worry Eaters Help Kids Deal With Fears Toy Review Best Kids Toys 2016Designed by the Haywire Group this lovable line of plush characters allow children the chance to identify worries and separate themselves from that worry or problem. Children are encouraged to write down or draw their fears and then feed them to their Worry Eater monster who will gladly gobble it up. There are lots of Worry Monsters to choose from, each with unique features and a zippered mouth pouch. 

My son is afraid of ghosts. Sometimes when we are getting ready for bed he will say there’s a ghost in his room and ask for us to get it out. We brought our new Worry Eater friend Wanda onboard to help do some “ghost busting.” So now when Brady says he thinks he hears a ghost we pull out a piece of paper and let him draw on it and feed the “ghost” to Wanda. It helps relax him and reassure him that the problem can be solved. Worry Eaters Help Kids Deal With Fears Toy Review Best Kids Toys 2016

Worry Eaters Help Kids Deal With Fears Toy Review Best Kids Toys 2016Worry Eaters Help Kids Deal With Fears Toy Review Best Kids Toys 2016Wanda is just one of the six new monsters from the Worry Eaters collection. Checkout the whole gang here.   Watch this video to see what speech pathologist and language expert Sherry Artemenko says about how the Worry Eaters help children deal with concerns.


Want to win your own Worry Eater monster? The Haywire Group has been awesome enough to give me one to giveaway to one lucky reader.

Heres how to win: 
Share a fear or concern that your child deals with that the Worry Eaters could help take away. Write it in the comments below or share on our Facebook post. Winner will be chosen on May 15th and notified by email or Facebook direct message.

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