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Work at home moms, you know how tough it is to balance taking care of kids and trying to accomplish your never-ending list of tasks; using your home to make extra cash is a great idea but in reality it’s a hard thing to juggle. With this being said, the use of the invoice template I recently found online has been a massive help when it comes to saving time. I would love to tell you I’ve got the whole working mama thing figured out, but that’s just not true. There are good days and there are I’m going to go crazy days. But I’ve figured out a few helpful ways to manage the stress and make some time for me so that it doesn’t get overwhelming.

Work at Home Mom Life -- What It's Like to Be a Work From Home Mom with a Toddler via Misty Nelson frostedMOMS @frostedevents

The Perfect Work from Home Mom Schedule

Trying to work from home with a toddler is trying on your patience. I struggled with it for a while in the beginning, trying to figure out a routine that worked best for us and enabled me to get it all done. Problem is with kids you can’t predict what every day is going to be like. There are sick days and sanity testing tantrum days and a whole list of other trials and tribulations you can’t even imagine. Like trips to the ER to remove candy from a nostril or stitch up a wound from a super-hero flight test. SMH!

My first piece of advice– Stop! Stop trying to figure it out. Stop thinking that if only you could get everyone on the right schedule it would all work and you’d have blissful parenting days. It’s impossible and your expectations will only make you even crazier. Get rid of them and succumb to the idea that every day with a toddler is sure to fall somewhere on the scale of survivable and sheer pandemonium. Accept that it’s likely to be chaotic and settle for just dealing with each surprise as it comes.

WOrk at Home Moms Life - What It's Like to Be a Work From Home Mom with a Toddler via Misty Nelson frostedMOMS @frostedevents

Multitasking for Stay at Home Moms

Whether you consider yourself a work at home mom or a stay at home mom, the struggle is the same. Trying to get anything done with kids in the house, especially young ones, is hard. Multi-tasking might seem like the way to go, but it only leads to more frustration. Trying to answer a few emails while I’m tending to my son during snack time always ends up with me sending the wrong message to the wrong person. Followed by more frustration and more anxiety over not getting anything accomplished.

Advice: Save the important work stuff for naptime and after-hours.

Take Advantage of the Small Moments In Between

Overloading yourself with a work list while also trying to take care of your child and your home leads to exhaustion. You have to find ways to give yourself a break, even if it’s only a few minutes. Make the most of whatever me time you can find. I like to reward myself with something sweet when I can sneak in a quick break. Café Breaks are my favorite for when I find a few minutes for a fast break. These coffee-inspired adult pudding cups are a sweet indulgence that I can enjoy even on the busiest days. They’re ready to eat, no prep and no mess to clean up after so I can jump right back into mom-life.

What It's Like to Be a Work From Home Mom with a Toddler via Misty Nelson frostedMOMS @frostedevents

Tell me mommas, how do you find the time to treat yourself when you need a break?

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