I have to admit, I stumbled upon the Belvedere Plantation¬†in Fredericksburg completely by accident. We were actually headed to Kings Dominion for probably the 1oth or more time so Brady could see the dinosaurs again before they shut down for the season. He’s obsessed, and it’s always a fun day for us as a family so we have really worn out our season pass.

Unfortunately, I did not plan our trip so well and we pulled up to a big sign that said PARK CLOSED. Apparently they had already shut down during weekdays and were only open on the weekends and at night for the scary stuff. So while B napped in the back we scrambled to find something on our iPhones that was close by and would be fun for a toddler.

My husband pulled up Belvedere Plantation not too far away from where we were. They were having their Harvest Festival and it looked like there was lots to do so we headed that way.

We got there just as they were opening at 5:00 pm. It was a Friday and lots of people were already pulling up and starting to line up to get in. We paid $12 each for 2 adults, B was free since kids under 2 are free admission. Check their site for admission prices as they vary, plus they offer lots of packages and season pass deals.

You walk in through the main store where they have cute displays of painted pumpkins and tons of pumpkins for sale. On the right is a bakery with fresh goodies and lots of generals store type merchandise, gifts and such.

We saw a stand with wagons for rent so we grabbed one, $5 rental for the day. So happy we had that wagon, we ended up covering alot of ground and my little guy is heavy.



There’s a big white barn with a smiley face painted on the side. Inside you can swing from tall rope swings over bails and bails of hay.


On the left side are pedal cart tracks, one for the kiddies and one for adults.




Round past the big white Fun Barn theres a playground with lots of cool kids stuff: a sand area with dump trucks and buckets, ride on toys, a corn box.


After some playground fun we headed to the petting farm area. Brady loved the little goats! We watched a pig race at the Swine Track and B got to wave the flag for our pig. He didn’t win, but we had a blast.

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