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Where did the summer go ya’ll? We really wanted to squeeze one more mini vacation in before school started and things got a crazy so we decided to just take a couple days off and head to the beach. Something low key but a nice getaway to have a little fun and relax …. as much as is possible as a parent, lol! Thankfully, Grandma lives just minutes from the beach so we had someone to watch B and have a little time to ourselves on our trip.

Travel Essentials Packing List for Family Vacation Amazon Fire Tablet @frostedevents

The last thing I wanted to worry about was packing, especially for a quick trip that I knew would be followed by a busy week the minute we returned. I hate unpacking and coming home to a pile of laundry and a million things to put away. So for this trip I went with just the essentials for a few days of fun in the sun.

So what are my ultimate travel essentials? It’s a pretty short list but they are absolute must-haves

  1. sun hat
  2. sunglasses
  3. a big tote bag
  4. sandals that work day or night
  5. bathing suit
  6. a maxi dress
  7. a cover-up
  8. shorts & tanktop or tee shirt
  9.  Amazon Fire

Seriously, thats it! And it all fits inside the essential #3 and is just enough to get me through a couple of days away. I’ve stripped it down to just this list for a spontaneous trip to the Bahamas, a grab and go weekend at the lake and a few other fun trips, and it covered all the bases.

Travel Essentials Packing List for Family Vacation Amazon Fire Tablet @frostedevents

The Amazon Fire tablet especially makes traveling easier because it handles so many of our needs. I use it to occupy Brady for on the road trip down with games and movies. And on vacation I can relax and read a book by the water or flip through magazines. We use it to watch TV shows we don’t want to miss when we are away, to look up family friendly places that are fun, we even use it for directions. It’s seriously makes life so much easier all around!

With the Amazon Fire we have instant access to millions of games, books, music, movies and TV shows at our fingertips. You’ll be amazed at what a value this tablet is for all the premium features it includes. Plus it has up to 7 hours of mixed use battery life so you can watch,read and play away.

Travel Essentials Packing List for Family Vacation Amazon Fire Tablet @frostedevents

You can use the microSD card slot to store up to 128 GB of photos, books, movies, music, compatible apps and games to carry with you on the go. With the free unlimited Amazon cloud storage you can keep all your photos taken with your Fire tablet and not worry about running out of space. No more last minute deleting pics and deciding which cute ones are really, really important. You can keep them all!

Travel Essentials Packing List for Family Vacation Amazon Fire Tablet @frostedevents

I’m an Amazon Prime mom, so the On Deck feature automatically downloads Prime Video and the first episodes of Amazon Original Series for us to enjoy instantly, even when we’re offline. And even if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member (yet, because you really should be!) On Deck automatically downloads the first episode of Amazon Originals.

Another cool feature of the Amazon Fire that I love is the Blue Shade. It automatically adjusts the backlight of your screen to remove blue light at night. So I can read on late night road trips or while my husband is asleep without straining my eyes.

Travel Essentials Packing List for Family Vacation Amazon Fire Tablet @frostedevents

So if your looking to buy a tablet that does it all, with tons of features and lots of entertainment included, the Amazon Fire is an amazing deal. Get one before your next family vacation and you’ll have a little less to carry and a lot more fun, I promise!

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