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Do It All Mom Reset Plan for Taking Care of Yourself massage envy

I’m not very good at relaxing. Most people would describe me as a ball of energy, I like to stay busy and I’m always on the go. The past few months have been especially crazy with lots of work projects, a few trips and planning my son’s birthday. I’ve really gotten caught up in the crazy whirlwind of trying to be a do-it-all mom. While I love what I do and all the opportunities and advantages it provides (fun trips, working from home, spending time with my family) I tend to let a few important things slide because I get overloaded. Late nights hunched over my laptop, too much fast food, skipping the gym and my yoga classes, it all adds up to a stressed body and some serious side effects.

It’s time to hit the reset button and get back to taking care of myself. I know I can’t be the best mom I can be if I’m not taking care of my health. That means getting enough rest, eating better and taking care of my body by exercising and getting massages. Massages are a vital part of total body care and I try to get them regularly to help get my body back on track. I keep a standing monthly appointment with Massage Envy just so I can take a little time for myself.

Because moments happen every day, whether you miss an important meeting or forget you’re in charge of class treats and show up empty handed. Life can be tough, all that stress starts to build up and your body takes a beating. Massage Envy helps you deal with the day to day aches and pains.

Massage Envy believes total body care is an integral part of wellness. Treating your body well shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a part of your wellness routine.

I think scheduling massages and facials is just as important as keeping my dental check-up and doctor visits. Taking care of my body inside and out makes me a better mom because I’m happier when I feel my best. I’m making a commitment to making my personal wellness a priority. Join me and share your personal commitments to being a better mom!

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