This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Husqvarna Automower for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

Husqvarna is the world's largest manufacturer of outdoor products. We recently had the opportunity to test out one of their latest innovations, the Automower. This post is sponsored by Husqvarna.

We love our new home! Now that we've been here a year or so we've really had the chance to get to know our neighbors and settle into the house. Like all homeowners we've also acquired a list of daily/monthly/weekly and yearly tasks that need to be accomplished to maintain and upkeep our abode so that we continue to enjoy it.

Mowing the lawn is a priority on the list that neither of us really love. Imagine not having to spend hours mowing your yard. What would you do with all that extra time? If you're like us, you would love to have more time to spend with your family doing fun stuff. We'd much rather be hanging out at the pool or heading to the lake on the weekends than cutting grass. I can think of about a million things I'd rather do!

So when we were introduced to the idea of having a robotic lawnmower that could do the job for us, we were pretty excited!

Husqvarna AutoMower Review - Robot Mower

Robot Lawn Mower

A robot lawn mower? Yes, they exist and yes they really do work. Now that we have owned our Husqvarna Automower 430XH for a few weeks we have become quite acquainted with the numerous questions and curiosities that people have.

Our Automower has actually developed quite a reputation in our neighborhood. We live in a wonderful neighborhood made up of lots of young families that enjoy small town living but also love a strong community connection. Drive through any day of the week and you'll see kids everywhere. People going for walks, driving golf carts to the pool, shooting hoops or barbecuing with neighbors.

Once our Automower started making his rounds we had tons of second-glances from people passing by and lots of inquisitive friends who wanted to know more about our new gadget. And the question we get most is "but does it really work?"

Husqvarna AutoMower Review - Robot Mower

Do Robot Lawn Mowers Really Work?

Yes! It really works. How, you might ask? Well that's where the it gets really interesting.

Essentially the Automower works just like robotic vacuums. It roams around your yard trimming blades of grass with it's spinning blades.

Automower clips a small amount of grass at a time on a frequent, programmable schedule so that you're lawn is always picture perfect. Rather than cutting the grass, Automower clips it. Unlike gas powered traditional lawn mowers, Automower uses a battery so it's quiet enough to run at night and can self-charge via it's outdoor docking station.

How does it know where to go and where not to go?

A boundary wire is installed that lets your Automower know where to cut and where to avoid. It can be customized to avoid areas, move around obstacles and stay out of the street or your neighbor's yard.

Husqvarna AutoMower Review - Robot Mower

What about kids and pets?

Automower is safe to use around your children and your animal babies. The blade automatically stops if the mower is even slightly lifted and the outer body is extra wide for extra room between the blade and edges.

What about theft? 

How do you keep thieves from snatching it from your yard? Automower comes with a unique PIN code that must be entered to make the system work. It has an audible anti-theft alarm built-in that sounds if the machine is picked up and moved. Smartphone viewable GPS also allows you to pinpoint the units location.

It works rain or shine and can even handle slopes and hills.

Husqvarna AutoMower Review - Robot Mower

Husqvarna AutoMower Review - Robot Mower


Husqvarna Automower

Husqvarna's Automower is the #1 selling robotic mower in the world. We were so impressed with how easy the installation process was and how quickly we were able to get our Automower ready to go. Initially I was worried that it would be overwhelming to control and manage the mower but the app is actually very user-friendly. A specialist from LTD Farm and Garden walked us through the whole process and made sure we understood everything about how to operate our unit and all the features.

Husqvarna AutoMower Review - Robot Mower

Husqvarna AutoMower Review - Robot Mower

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