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The past year has been a very transitional one for me. Like many families, we had to make changes so that we could teach our kids from home. While those changes were disruptive to running my business, they also gave me a chance to slow down and take a look at my life. Putting part of my work life on the back burner helped me reconnect with the reason I started my business in the first place.

Psychic Readings Can Help You Manifest Your Dreams - California Psychics

I’ve always wanted to be a mom, more than anything. When I became pregnant with our first son it became very important to make changes that would allow me to be with him more and at work less. I had started a blog a few years before to share my party designs and cute ideas for moms, and it was really starting to take off. So, I decided to focus on blogging in the hopes that I could photograph and write while my son napped and never have to miss a moment with him.

Flash forward a few years and my blog has become a full-time business. We’ve also added a second child and while I LOVE what I do, it’s sometimes very hard to balance a business, a baby and a 7 year old.

Honestly, a year ago I felt overworked and overwhelmed. The break from having to always think about what comes next, keeping up with trends and constantly trying to be creative, was actually a somewhat welcome one. I felt like for a moment at least the pressure had been turned off.

Psychic Readings Can Help You Manifest Your Dreams - California Psychics

I’ve loved having this time to really connect with my boys. It’s been challenging and stressful at times, but it truly brought me back to realizing my joy is in the heart of my family. That’s what matters most.

But I still have dreams and goals of my own and that same passion for inspiring others.

I feel like I’m at a crossroad with my career and family life. So, I decided to speak to a psychic advisor and see if they could offer some insight into identifying my life path and discovering my destiny.

I had seen a friend’s post about California Psychics so I pulled up their website to see how it worked. They offer psychics to help with all kinds of interests and issues in your life. Connect with a deceased loved one, get relationship advice, ask about a problem you are dealing with or guidance in your career or finances…. They have advisors that cover all those and more.

When I came across Rika’s profile I instantly felt a connection, so I set up a phone call.

Psychic Readings Can Help You Manifest Your Dreams - California Psychics

Almost instantly she began to pick up on the thoughts and ideas that have been swirling around in my head. I started by just expressing I wanted to know what direction I should pursue in making changes to my career and she immediately started giving details on the exact ideas and interests I’ve been considering for a new venture.  She relayed insight on where I should focus my energy and where I need to be more confident in the choices I’m pondering professionally and personally. I was very impressed with her ability to pull names of people and places and even financial investments I’ve been pursuing without me telling her those details.

She also gave me clarity on important family goals and how to make space for my home and work life to flow better. And she said she sees a surprise in that area, but I won’t go into that just yet….

Psychic Readings Can Help You Manifest Your Dreams - California Psychics Overall, it was a great experience and I would definitely do it again. The call helped me connect the dots and feel more confident about my focus for the future. Rika also gave me great advice on channeling more positive energy, breathing and mindfulness tips that will help me manifest long term goals and good things in my everyday life.

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Psychic Readings Can Help You Manifest Your Dreams - California Psychics

They’re open 24/7 and can help you unlock your full potential and live your best life. California Psychics readings are discrete and confidential, and all psychics are held to high quality standards during their screening, testing and training.

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