My kiddo loves the Octonauts Above & Beyond series on Netflix! He could tell you all about every character and all their missions at sea and on land. We found all the latest Octonauts toys and playsets while browsing the toy aisle at Walmart, and he went crazy over them! 

Walmart Christmas toys

Octonauts Toys

We surprised him with a few of his favorite figures and playsets for his birthday recently. His eyes lit up as soon as he spied the OCTORAY TRANSFORMING HQ PLAYSET! It’s the one toy he’s wanted most of all. He could hardly wait to take it out of the box and play! 

Octonauts toys

Octoray Transforming HQ Playset

This thing is pretty awesome! It transforms from a rolling ship into a 13” tall playset with lights and sounds. And it comes with a Captain Barnacles Figure too! 

The OCTOPOD PLAYSET is another super fun toy for little explorers. We like to pretend it’s a look-out station for the Octonauts crew to search for sea creatures who need help. There’s even a fun slide so they can spring into action when someone needs saving. It comes with a Deep-Sea Captain Barnacles Figure with a removable scuba helmet. 

Octonauts characters

Octonauts Characters

Gear up for a great play date with the Octonauts Vehicle & Figure packs. Take Kwazzii and Gup-B on a deep dive to the bottom of the ocean. Or roam around on land looking for new friends with Terra-Gup 1 and Dashi.

Octonauts Above and Beyond

Walmart Toys Holiday Hot List

With the Adventure Packs you can recreate missions with your favorite Octonauts characters. Take Kwazii on a special rescue or bring Paani along to explore a volcano.

These toys make the best gifts for preschoolers. They’re great for imaginary play and give kids an exciting storyline for creating their own adventures. 

Octonauts toys walmart

You can find all these toys, playsets and plush figures at Walmart in the toy section. Just in time for holiday shopping! 

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