In November I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, my first child, the love of my life. As a new mommy I spent those first few weeks home snuggling my sweet little man and scouring the internet for every piece of advice I could find in regards to parenting. Some of the stories I found were inspirational and uplifting, some sad and heartbreaking, and some just downright strange. But they all helped give me some perspective on what this new role I had just taken on might be like, the ups and downs and swirl of emotions that come along with being a mother. I love the little bits of wisdom and advice women share with each other…. the willingness to spill your otherwise protective soul out to strangers simply because we share the same title, honest even when you know some may judge. It’s that feeling that we are all connected in some way, that we need to show empathy, give support, hope and encouragement to all the mothers out there who are celebrating the little moments or suffering the pains of raising a child.

Here are some of the best blogs and articles I’ve saved-