I swear I’ve somehow missed my calling as a baby stylist, lol! Not even sure if there is such a thing but if not I would like to start that business and offer my services ASAP. I love dressing my little man up! I really thought with having a boy I would have to forgo playing dress-up and taking cute pics. I had never really given much thought to boy’s clothing and just assumed it was all monsters, dinosaurs, trucks and superheroes. Then I found out we were having a boy and I started pinning things, exploring the realms of baby boy style online and quickly became obsessed. Now I take a moment every night as we are picking out pajamas to lay out his outfit for the next day and I get a little excited.

Brady started to look more toddlerish as he grew and I didn’t like the onesies and pajamas on him anymore. He’s very tall so he could fit into 1 year old clothing at 7 months. Now that he’s walking I really like to put him in jeans, or a trendy vest and some cool kicks. It also helps that he’s such a ham and totally plays it up for the camera!

My big secret is that though he has a closet full of clothes and we rotate through lots of cute outfits and name brand stuff, I’ve hardly spent anything on his wardrobe. So many of my friends have asked how we can spend a fortune on his clothes when he outgrows them so quickly. I love the shock and surprise when I tell them I’ve barely spent anything and actually made money on lots of his clothes.

Here’s how:
1. I scout thrift stores and consignment shops for name brand stuff. I find the BEST stuff at our local thrift store. Lots of Ralph Lauren polos, Janie and Jack, baby Gap for $2 and $3 an item.
2. Department store credit cards. I’m not a fan of credit cards and we keep our family debt very very low. But stores like Gap, Old Navy & Gymboree offer card holders huge discounts several times a year. I frequently get offers for 40% or even 50% off when you use your card, and then I pay off the balance each month. Plus lots of them will give you reward cash back to spend saving even more money. This works out to deals like $3 tops and $5 pants often. I buy all our basics– long sleeve tops, tees, cargo pants, jeans..during these sales in lots of colors.
3. Think ahead, buy for next year at the end of each season. I love Janie & Jack! Such cute clothes and quality made. But they are expensive! However, if you wait till the end of season everything is marked off 60%. Plus they have friends and family discounts, and mail coupons for an extra 20-25% off 4 times a year. So I stock up on all the cute items, outfits I know I’ll want for holidays and special occasions then.

4. Sell your stuff on eBay and Craigslist. eBay is excellent for name brands in great condition. I often make double or more what I paid some of Brady’s things.
Craigslist works better for lots of clothing in bulk. I’ll sell a set of his play clothes, tops pants and pajamas all together for $60 to $100. Works out to about $2 to $3 an item, which is what I usually buy them for on sale.

So you can keep your little one in stylish clothes without spending a ton. You just have to know where to look.

Here are some pics of his stylish outfits: