This summer, I’m partnering with Orkin to talk about how you can enjoy the outdoors and keep your backyard mosquito-free. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Now that the weather is warmer and the days are longer, it’s hard to keep these little people indoors! Kids just love to be outside. But really we all enjoy the great outdoors a little more in the summertime, right? Our weekends are spent down by the lake, grilling out and going for boat rides. Fishing off the dock and finding buried treasure hidden in the sand pile out back.

Mosquito Spray Mosquito Control Yard Treatment Orkin

As much as we love being outside, nothing can spoil a perfect summer day like a backyard full of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the WORST! Living by the water has its advantages and its disadvantages, and one of the latter is that we have to combat pesky flying pests all summer long. But this year I’m taking a more proactive approach and treating our yard to protect our friends and family.

Mosquito Spray Mosquito Control Yard Treatment Orkin

Mosquitoes are an obvious nuisance, but they can also be a health threat. Some species of mosquitoes can actually transmit diseases like the Zika virus. That’s why it’s important to take precaution to help prevent mosquito bites, especially in the summer months when mosquitoes are most active. Mosquito spray treatment by Orkin can help rid your space of the dreaded flying insects that destroy your summer plans.

Mosquito Spray Mosquito Control Yard Treatment Orkin How to Help Eliminate Mosquitoes from Your Living Space

      1. Use EPA-registered mosquito repellents containing one of the following active ingredients: DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, para-menthane-diol or IR3535.
      2. Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants.
      3. Eliminate standing water where mosquitoes can breed. Remove standing water from gutters, buckets, toys and other containers. Change water weekly in bird baths, fountains, potted plants and any containers that hold standing water. Keep pool water treated and circulating.
      4. Eliminate mosquito entry points around your home. Close gaps around windows and in walls. Install and repair window and door screens to help prevent entry. Seal around air conditioning window units. If you begin to notice an unusual amount of mosquitoes, contact Future Services to get them removed from your house.


Mosquito Spray Mosquito Control Yard Treatment Orkin Mosquito Control and Treatment Options

Thanks to Orkin our backyard will be mosquito-free this summer. Your Orkin technician can answer your questions about the exact treatments he’s performing on your yard, every treatment is different.

Mosquito Spray Mosquito Control Yard Treatment Orkin

It’s so nice being able to get together and enjoy the perfect weather outdoors without worrying about being aggravated and attacked by mosquitoes. No more swatting and scratching! Now it’s just sweet summertime fun spent with family and friends. Backyard barbecues, boat rides, catching fish and kicking up our heels while we soak in the summer sun.

Mosquito Spray Mosquito Control Yard Treatment Orkin

Got mosquitoes gathering around your garden and ruining your peaceful planting? Here’s a video with additional gardening tips from Orkin

Mosquito Spray Mosquito Control Yard Treatment Orkin

If mosquitoes are ruining your summer fun, contact the licensed pest professionals at ORKIN at 877-778-2497.

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Mosquito Spray Mosquito Control Yard Treatment Orkin

Call Orkin and set up an appointment to treat your backyard with mosquito repellent. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer fun, mosquito control is just a phone call away!