Lularoe leggings are the latest craze to take Instagram and Pinterest by storm. So what are they, why are mamas so obsessed with them and where can you buy your own? We’ve got the scoop….

Chances are someone you know has popped up on social media excited to tell you all about their upcoming pop-up shop or invite you to a girls night to sip cocktails and try on cute clothes. “Lula who?” you might be thinking. Well honey, I’m here to school you on a fashion trend that has lit the internet on fire and won’t be flickering out anytime soon.

Lularoe clothing via Lularoe Instagram
mage via Lularoe Instagram

What is Lularoe?

Lularoe is a fashion brand that sells tops, dresses and leggings in bright colors, patterns and prints. But unlike most clothing lines you can only purchase the clothing from one of the brand’s consultants.

You can’t buy Lularoe on the company website or in any store. It’s exclusively sold through their group of 35,000 (and rapidly growing!) consultants, mostly millennial moms who market their favorite styles to friends over social media and at-home parties.

Why is Lularoe so popular?

Even though it started less than five years ago the company has seen an insane amount of growth in the past year alone. Part of it’s success lies in the product itself. Women gush over the fabric and fit of the brand, often describing the texture as “like butter.” Word of mouth has helped elevate the popularity of a few of Lularoe’s signature styles to cult-like status. Women go crazy for particular patterns and pieces and start bidding wars to bring them home.

Another thing ladies love is the empowering message the brand strives to convey through their consultants. The clothing is made to be comfortable and compliment women of all sizes. Casual outfits that you can wear for any occasion, whether you’re picking the kids up from school or hosting Sunday brunch. Attending a party or becoming a member of Lularoe Facebook group makes you feel like part of a tribe. There’s a lot of bonding going on in the midst of the buying frenzy and friendships are formed over fanatical love for certain styles.

Scarcity drives the brand’s popularity even more. Lularoe only makes around 5,000 pieces of each particular design so every consultant carries a different inventory. Finding popular patterns and prints is called “unicorn hunting” among Lularoe insiders, an obsession that frequently drives up auction prices and causes sheer hysteria among avid fans.

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How much does Lularoe Cost?

On average, Lularoe leggings start at around $25 while shirts go for around $35. Dresses and skirts range from $45 to $75 depending on the style. Some women have paid well over $100 at auction and through private groups to own their most coveted style.

How to Sell Lularoe

Even more exciting are the success stories of women who are making money selling the brand, some getting rich! Many women have turned this side hustle into a full-time career, quitting their jobs and making more money than their husbands. The brand’s founder, DeAnne Stidham says she started the company to give women a way to make extra money while raising their children.

A $5000 investment is all that’s needed to purchase initial inventory and start selling Lularoe. Consultants can set their own prices but must mark-up from a minimum price point determined by the company. Employees earn money from direct sales as well as the sales of their team of recruits (multilevel-marketing.) The company allows consultants to sell their inventory back to the company should they decide they want out.

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So tell me mamas, are you a Lula fan? If so, what do you love about the line and what’s your favorite piece?