ION Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker-  the ultimate music player for cool kids who love to rock the retro style with the latest tech. If you love music and miss the old days when mixtapes really meant something, you need this! This post is sponsored by our friends at Best Buy.

Remember back when jamming out meant hanging with your friends listening to the latest hits on your boombox. Well ION is bringing back the nostalgia with their new Boombox Bluetooth Speaker. This 80’s style retro stereo cassette boombox features dual full-range speakers to pump out extra powerful bass and super clear highs.


Stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enable device or take it back to the good old days and break out your cassette collection. This boombox even records onto cassettes.

The 10 hour rechargeable battery life means you’ll be able to blast tunes all-night long. Or hook it up to AC.

Archive your cassette tapes onto USB sticks. Or dial up your favorite AM/FM station over the radio.

Find the Boombox Deluxe at Best Buy.