Hurricane season is in full swing, and many of us are preparing for the worst. A lot of people will have their homes to worry about; however, there are some things that you might not think about doing. Hurricane prep list to help keep your family safe:

Hurricane Prep List - How to Prepare for Hurricanes

Hurricane Prep

-Make sure your pets are safe if you need to evacuate!

-Check with family members where they will go if a hurricane does hit.

-If possible, disconnect any water or gas lines outside your home before the storm hits so that it can’t be damaged by debris flying around.

-Make sure you have enough food and water for the next few days.

-Have an emergency plan for evacuation. Where will you go, what will you bring, what route will be best to take?

-Your important documents should be stored in a waterproof bag.

-Pet food and water for your animals, they will need to escape the storm as well! Don’t forget about them during this time of panic!

Hurricane Prep ChecklistPreparing for a Hurricane

This might seem like a lot to do, but it is so important that you are prepared in case of an emergency!

A few things to stock up on before a hurricane:

-Flashlight and batteries.

-A first aid kit and prescription medications filled.

-Non-perishables like canned food and water that you can eat if the power goes out (make sure to replace every few months). Have a week’s supply of at-least one gallon of drinking water for each person.

-Cash. During power outages you may not have access to debit/credit cards. Keep emergency cash on hand.

-Full tank of gas. If you need to evacuate gas stations may be empty or closed. It’s a good idea to fill your tank before the storm just in case.

Hurricane Prep- What to Stock Up On

Storm Preparation Tips

There are many things that you can do before hurricane season comes around; however, these are just some basic precautions that everyone should take to be prepared.

Check out this Hurricane Preparedness guide for more tips

Hurricane Preparedness- What to Do Before a Hurricane Hits


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