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Trying to teach a preschooler the value of money and the importance of working hard is pretty tough. Where do you even start? But as my son gets older I want him to understand that he needs to be helpful and do his part. That means cleaning up after himself and helping with daily chores. So we’ve been using the ChorePal app to teach him more about responsibility and the rewards that come along with working and earning.         ChorePal App Teaches Kids Rewards and Responsibilities

The ChorePal app by COUNTRY Financial® allows you to assign tasks, track their completion and reward your child for following through. We created a list of chores that were simple and age appropriate, small things like putting away toys and helping to make his bed. I entered each chore into the app and gave it a value so that we could show Brady that the points he earned for each chore add up to rewards. Small rewards, like a treat or new book and big rewards like a new toy.


I love that this app really makes doing chores like a fun game. Brady loves to mark off his chores and see how many credits he’s earned. It makes it so much easier for me to explain to him how earning and saving works. It’s opened up conversations on why mom and dad work, why we set goals and what his own goals are. I also like that using the app is a family activity that we can all work on together, a team effort.


He cashed in a few of his hard earned points for a cupcake treat, but he’s still focused on his big goal, a new train set.


COUNTRY Financial® developed the ChorePal app as a tool for families to manage and reward daily household chores. It provides a proactive way for parents to introduce topics about the value of hard work, savings and investment with their children in a simple and fun way.

Download the ChorePal app and start teaching your children about responsibility and rewards.

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