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As a new mom I was nervous about soooo many things when we brought our son home from the hospital. The thing I was most afraid of was driving. Putting my sweet little baby in the carseat and taking him out into a scary world full of busy, inattentive people operating vehicles made me panic. It took a good two weeks before I could even attempt a simple trip to the grocery store.

Now I look back and smile at how that day went. After carefully securing my newborn into his carseat I pulled out of our driveway and made my way down the road, anxiously aware of every possible threat. My mind started to settle into the idea that driving was going to be okay, but then I started to worry about my son. We didn’t have a rearview mirror to view the carseat so I couldn’t see him. He wasn’t making any sounds, and of course thinking the worst I started to panic again. I pulled over into an empty parking lot and rushed around to find exactly what any sane person would expect, a sleeping baby.

That’s why I LOVE that Garmin has come up with something that parents will appreciate so much. The new Garmin Drive allows you to add a Garmin babyCam, an in-vehicle video baby monitor that provides an “on demand” view of your backseat passenger, right on your navigation display. Brilliant!

Being able to check up on your little one with just a glance at dashboard monitor is so much safer than turning around and diverting your attention from the road. Safety is my biggest concern so I’m excited to see the Garmin babyCam in action.

The Garmin Drive system boasts a bunch of other cool features that make driving more convenient. The 5 inch dual-orientation display alerts driver to sharp curves, school zones and speed changes. The Garmin Real Directions guides you around like a friend, using landmarks and traffic lights. You can even find new and popular places to eat and shop with the Foursquare feature.

The Garmin babyCam easily pairs up with a Garmin Personal Navigation Device. It only works with Garmin products though. As a parent I’m always eager to try anything that will give me a little more peace of mind. I’ll be sharing more details on this innovative new piece of tech.

Tell me mommas, what worried you most when you left the hospital with your little one onboard?


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