If you’re a parent then you know that a smartphone or a tablet can be a saving grace in many situations with a toddler. Mine is my secret weapon for accomplishing many otherwise nearly impossible tasks, like showering or going to the grocery store. Without our tablet I literally would not be able to do those things, or at least not to a generally acceptable degree. Believe me, I’ve tried. And failed, resulting in chasing my two-year-old down the hall wrapped in a towel with shampoo in my hair. Or leaving a grocery store with a screaming toddler who decided to entertain himself by tossing the contents of our cart onto the floor.

Our Amazon Fire tablet not only keeps our child entertained while we’re on the go, it’s also full of learning tools that I love. Thanks to Amazon Underground we can access tons of games and apps that are totally free. Over 3,000, completely 100% free.

Amazon Underground Free Educational Apps for Kids plus Games Books and Movies for Kids

Read Along Interactive Stories

My son is obsessed with the Sandra Boynton books. With Amazon Underground we can download a whole set of interactive read-along stories. We’ve got Dr. Seuss, Little Critters, The Berenstain¬†Bears and more popular children’s book authors.

Amazon Underground Free Educational Apps for Kids plus Games Books and Movies for Kids

Play Games for Free

If your kids love to play games then Amazon Underground is a must-have. Think of how much money you save on the dozens of games you can download for free. Check out all the games and apps on their catalog and you’ll be amazed at just how many our your child’s favorites are listed.

Educational Apps for Kids

I’m amazed at how much my son has learned from some of his favorite educational apps. From learning the alphabet to speaking Spanish, he’s picked up so much from the apps he plays. A few of our favorites are the Dr. Panda apps and Elmo Loves 123s.

Amazon Underground Free Educational Apps for Kids plus Games Books and Movies for Kids

How much money have you spent on games and apps for your kids? It gets kinda crazy right? We got the Amazon Fire tablet and I did a little dance when I found out you can download thousands of free games and apps with Amazon Underground and the @amazonappstore . B loves the Dr. Panda games and he’s obsessed with Sandra Boynton books. You can download read slings from her collection as well as Dr. Seuss, Little Critters, Berenstain Bears and tons more. And this tablet is the reason I can take a full shower, or do our grocery shopping. So it distracts my toddler long enough to accomplish small tasks and it’s full of freebies…. I’m in love! Get access to Amazon Undergrounds free catalog with an Amazon Fire tablet or android smartphone. #amznunderground #ad #amazon #gamestagram #apps #toddlersofinstagrsm #momlife #ohheymama #deals #momsofinstagram #igmoms

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If your tired of spending waaaay too much money on games and apps, you will love Amazon Underground!

What are some of your child’s favorite games and apps?

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