I’m pretty excited about this cool new kids toy! Have you seen the Modarri toy cars? They were created by a company called ThoughtFull Toys through a Kickstarter campaign and are already being recognized one of the best new toys on the market. Unlike other toy cars these let kids get creative by building and customizing the cars themselves. Each car kit comes with interchangeable parts that can be used to mix and match with other Modarri cars and truly make it your own.



Kate agreed to be the test driver for our Modarri toy car sets. She loves toy cars to begin with and spends countless hours playing tracks and setting up her garage. When I showed her the box and explained we had to build the car together she really got excited.
Modarri Toy Cars Review Best Kids Toys Cool Toy Cars


Each car includes a hex tool to take it apart and put the pieces together. We had the S1 Beach Cruzer and X1 Camo. Kate loved the purple flowers and wanted to mash it up and make it look “cool” with the camo car. Putting the car together was easy enough, she used the hex tool to screw on the parts and I tightened them up to make sure it was all solid. The screws stay retained in the car so you don’t have to worry about losing one. The cars are very well made and seem durable enough to last through lots and lots of rebuilds and rugged play. Modarri Toy Cars Review Best Kids Toys Cool Toy Cars


Modarri Toy Cars Review Best Kids Toys Cool Toy Cars

What I really like about these cars is that they encourage your child to get creative and use problem solving skills. They aren’t just another out of the box toy, they really allow your child to explore engineering concepts and see how the cars are constructed.
Modarri Toy Cars Review Best Kids Toys Cool Toy Cars

These cars aren’t like any other cars we’ve had. They movement and motion feels like a real car. They maneuver through twists and turns with just a simple push of your finger and has realistic traction and suspension.

We love our Modarri cars and are already picking out new ones to add to our collection. Kate is younger than the recommended age for these toys, but she really enjoyed them and had no problem with the pieces. This would be a great gift idea for boys and girls alike.

You can buy Modarri cars online Modarri.com or at Amazon. Each car is $19.95, or purchase a 3 pack of cars for $49.95.

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