Baby toys all over the place? I know the struggle. Oribel VertiPlay wall toys take playtime from the floor to the wall. These stick-on toys for toddlers and babies give little ones lots of playtime and you get your floor space back…..

Baby Toys - Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toys

Baby and Toddler Toys

With a five year gap between our first born and our second, I somehow forgot quite a few things about babies. Including the amount of baby stuff that you amass when it comes to transitioning through the first few years. Things for them to sleep in and on, things that bounce and sway and jump and rock. Things they can push, pull, carry and climb.

We’ve been a lot more minimalistic with this baby, and even so there are baby toys all over the place. So when I was introduced to the Oribel brand and their collection of VertiPlay wall toys, I got pretty excited about sharing these with you guys. I love problem solver products and these are a solution parents will love!

Baby Toys - Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toys

VertiPlay Wall Toys turn your walls into a playground for kids. No more tripping over toys all over the floor or finding places to stow away the endless toys that takeover your rooms. These toys stick to wall and give little ones something exciting to interact with.

Made of high quality, natural wood, VertiPlay toys are modern looking and made to last. Simply peel the back and stick onto a smooth surface. They brighten up a boring nursery or playroom wall and give kids something fun to play with.

Baby Toys - Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toys

Best Toys for Babies and Toddlers

We added four VertiPlay wall toys to Beckham’s room.

  1. MusicalRail Track
  2. Slidey Spidey
  3. Busy Woodpecker
  4. Tree Top Adventure

Learning Toys

The Musical Rail Track xylophone toy is a colorful musical instrument toy for sound play. It comes with a wooden striker that you can use to create different sound effects by tapping the metal bars. The striker piece is more suitable for older children, so for now we’ve stowed it away and just use our fingers or larger objects for tapping the plates.

Slidey Spidey helps develop fine motor skills. Drop the spider from the top and watch him climb down the water spout, just like the nursery rhyme.

The Busy Woodpecker Knocker toy invites children to engage by spinning the windmills or tap tap tapping away. Develop fine motor skills by spinning the windmills and making Mr. Woodpecker tap against the tree!

The Tree Top Adventure toy is my favorite. Watch the caterpillar zigzag to the bottom of the track and then start him all over again from the top.

Baby Toys - Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toys

Developmental Toys

VertiPlay toys provide developmental benefits as well. Fine motor skill work, hand-eye coordination and learning cause and effect relationships are all engaged while children play with these toys.

Baby Toys - Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toys

Baby Toys - Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toys

Baby Toys - Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toys

Toys for Babies 6 months to Preschool

I love that VertiPlay toys are great grow-with-me toys. They’re exciting for children ranging from baby to preschool age.

Shop for VertiPlay toys and explore the entire collection on Amazon.

Baby Toys - Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toys




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