Vamp it up this Halloween!  Here are some bloody good ideas for throwing a fang-tastic Vampire themed party!  

Halloween is the one time of the year where you can indulge in the darkest and most fantastical parts of your imagination. And what can be more alluring than the world of vampires? From the immortal tales of Dracula to the modern retellings in popular culture, this theme never goes out of style. Let’s dive into a comprehensive guide for a vampire-themed Halloween celebration.

vampire party decorations

1. Vampire Decor:

Blood Red and Midnight Black: Opt for a color scheme of reds and blacks. Think dark velvet drapes, deep red roses, and black candles.

Coffin Corners: Create coffin-shaped decor items. This could range from a coffin-shaped welcome mat to a DIY wooden coffin as the main centerpiece. I love this coffin letter board on Amazon.

Bat Mobiles: Hang bats from ceilings. You can buy these or craft them from black construction paper or fabric.

Gothic Chandeliers: If possible, get chandeliers or faux ones to hang, illuminating your space with a haunting glow.

vampire themed table setting

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2. Halloween Party Atmosphere:

Foggy Entrances: Use a fog machine to give your home a misty, eerie look, similar to a vampire’s ancient castle.

Eerie Music: Play haunting instrumental music or soundtracks from popular films and series.

Gothic Furniture: Rent or buy gothic furniture or covers, like high-back chairs or ornate tables.

vampire themed party decor

3. Vampire Food and Drink:

Bloody Beverages: Serve drinks like red fruit punch or cranberry mocktails. For adults, a blood-red sangria or wine works well. Check out these super cool blood bag drink pouches.

Garlic Bread (for the brave): This is a humorous nod to the vampire’s notorious aversion to garlic.

Bloody Velvet Cake: Red velvet cake with a cream cheese frosting, perhaps with a raspberry “blood” drizzle.

Fang Bites: Mini sandwiches or pastries with two almond slivers (as fangs) sticking out.

vampire food

4. Vampire Costumes:

Classic Dracula: White shirt, black trousers, red cape, and slicked-back hair.

Victorian: Think frilly shirts, corsets, top hats, and lace for a more historical look.

Modern Day Vampires: A nod to popular series like “Twilight” or “The Vampire Diaries” with more contemporary, yet slightly gothic attire.

Bloody Makeup: No matter the era, add pale foundation, dark eyes, and a trickle of fake blood from the lips for effect.

Vampire teeth, or fangs, are a must! Like these ones on Amazon

Kids vampire costumes, like this one on Amazon, create a spook-tacular Halloween costume!

Check out this cool Costume inspo:

vampire costume ideas
vampire costumes

5. Vampire Party Games:

Stake the Heart: A twist on “pin the tail on the donkey”, where players blindfoldedly try to pin a stake on a large picture of a vampire’s heart.

Vampire Hunt: Similar to an egg hunt, but instead, search for hidden plastic fangs around the venue.

Guess the Blood Type: Fill several glasses with various red drinks. Participants must taste and guess the beverage.

Escape the Lair: Set up an escape room with vampire-themed puzzles and clues.

Bite or No Bite: A game of chance where participants draw cards. Some cards have a ‘bite’, resulting in them doing a fun task or challenge.

Dracula wedding ideas

Incorporating even a few of these ideas will ensure that your bash is a memorable one. Remember, the key to a great theme party is immersion. The more you commit to the theme in every aspect of the party, the more memorable the experience will be for your guests. Embrace the darkness, have fun, and have a fang-tastic Halloween!

 20131023-231543.jpgCheck out our Halloween Pinterest Board for lots more ideas

  • Set a dramatic tablescape with black and red linens, candelabra, and lots of candles
  • Give out fun fangs and blood body paint so your guests can get in on the fun
  • Create some “bloody” cocktails-  garnish martini glasses with grenadine or red syrups
  • Put out a bloody mary bar with lots of labeled garnishes.

Dinner Awaits – Vampire Dinner Party styled by Courtney from Pizzazzerie

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