This sponsored post is a part of the campaign “Protecting America’s Eyes” by Reticare in order to inform U.S. citizens about the importance of eye protection from device screens. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

We are a tech loving family! We have all the gadgets and they've become an essential party of our everyday lives. Recently though I read a report on how high-energy light from smartphones, tablets and computer screens can cause sleep disorder, retina damage and many other serious health problems. So I started doing a bit more research on how to protect my family from these risks as well as myself.

Protect Your Eyes Reticare Screen Shield

According to the Vision Council’s 2016 Digital Eye Strain Report nearly 60% of Americans use digital devices for five hours or more each day. Nearly 70% of Americans use two or more devices at a time. Eye strain, headaches, blurred vision as well as neck, shoulder and back pain are just some of the symptoms people reported.

Children have a much higher risk of damaging their eyes from overexposure to high-energy light because their natural eye lens protection is not completely developed until age 25. As a mom that truly concerns me, because just as I want to protect my son from illnesses and accidents I also want him to have healthy eyes and vision. This is why some of my friends have bought computer eyewear for their children, which filter the blue light from the screen and protect their fragile retinas. My kids don't like glasses though so…

So what can we do? Thankfully there are products that offer protection from harmful exposure to high-energy light. Reticare makes eye protector screens that naturally absorb high-energy light, providing different levels of protection based on the users age and amount of screen time. They have over 14 years of research backed by scientific data.Protect Your Eyes Reticare Screen Shield

Protect Your Family's Eyes with Reticare

Reticare protects our eyes from three risks:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Computer Vision Syndrome which can cause red eyes, blurry eyes, irritated eyes and headaches
  • Retina Damage

Protect Your Eyes Reticare Screen Shield Retina damage protection is exceptionally important because it can carries a risk of causing several serious health problems. Damage to the retina can lead to glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration which can lead to blindness. Retina cells that are overexposed to high-energy light can die and there is no recovery. Reticare helps protect our eyes and keep them healthy.

Protect Your Eyes Reticare Screen Shield I love the convenience of my smartphone and all the amazing features, from posting pics to social media or searching the internet on the fly. We use our phones and tablets to read the news, watch movies and play games everyday. Now with the Reticare screen protectors on our devices I can feel better knowing the health of our eyes is not at risk.

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