Understanding the meaning of aura colors can help you identify your own energy as well as those around you.

Your aura is the energy that you radiate. It’s a field of energy around your body, and it can be seen by others. You can also see it yourself if you’re able to see auras. The color of your aura indicates what kind of energy you have, which in turn determines how other people perceive you and what they think about when they meet or interact with you.

meaning of aura colors

Aura Color Meanings

An aura is a set of colors that surround you and symbolize your energy. Aura colors can tell you a lot about yourself, including what kind of mood you’re in and maybe even who you’ll meet soon! An aura reading will give an overview of your energy and personality, but there are still some things to consider when determining or changing your aura color.

How do I find out my own aura color?

The best way to determine what color surrounds you is by asking someone who knows about the subject. If no one is available for this task, try taking a look at yourself in the mirror with good lighting (natural sunlight works best). You will be able to see any visible light around yourself reflected back towards your eyes through their open pupils. Once this reflection hits enough objects around them, they will also see parts of their own aura as well!

Follow this guide to find the meaning of aura colors

Blue aura

The color blue is associated with loyalty, trustworthiness, and peace. It’s a color of communication that can help you speak your truth.

Blue is also the color of tranquility and calm—making it perfect for letting go of stress or anxiety.

Brown aura

Brown aura is the color of security, stability and trust. Brown auras are very grounded and down to earth. They are practical with a great sense of responsibility which makes them reliable. They are also very self-aware and honest which makes them trustworthy.

Brown auras can be quite helpful because they are not afraid of taking action in order to do what’s right or fair for others; they will take on responsibilities that no one else wants because they feel like it’s their duty or obligation as an individual who cares about others. Brown aura people may appear shy at first but once you get to know them better then you’ll realize how friendly they really are!

Green aura

Green aura is a sign of good health, abundance and prosperity. It indicates that you are in the right place at the right time. Green aura signifies new beginnings and fresh starts in life. It is also an indication of a creative personality who can easily adapt to any situation.

Green aura represents a balanced personality that has both masculine and feminine characteristics equally well-developed. This color represents balance between mind, body, heart and spirit as well as between people’s personal lives and their professional lives

In some cases green aura can indicate depression or mental illness but only when paired with other negative colors such as black or gray

Indigo aura

Indigo aura is a sign of a spiritual person. Indigo aura people are usually very intelligent, creative, and intuitive. They are often very artistic in their work or hobbies. Many indigo aura people have been gifted with psychic abilities that they have used to help others throughout their lives.

Indigo Aura individuals can be difficult to be around because their energy is so high vibrational it can make others feel uncomfortable around them unless they too are on the same vibration as them (which is rare). If you find yourself in this situation try to understand where these energies come from and how best to interact with them.

Orange aura

  • Orange aura is positive and spiritual.
  • Orange aura is creative, energetic, passionate and ambitious.
  • Orange aura is confident and cheerful.

You can also be a little bit of a trouble maker with orange aura, but not in a bad way!

Pink aura

Pink is the color of love and compassion. It represents peace, nurturing, and healing. Pink is a combination of red and white; it’s a mixture of passion with purity. The color pink can be calming, comforting, or uplifting depending on the shade you choose to wear or surround yourself with.

Pink is associated with the heart chakra which means this color has strong ties to emotions, love and relationships. If your aura appears pink then you may want to investigate some aspects of your life that center around love, especially if they’re not working out well for you right now!

Purple aura

Purple is a color of royalty, spirituality, wisdom and healing. Purple aura people are often highly intuitive and can see things that others cannot.

They are sensitive to energy and often have psychic abilities. They may also be healers who devote their lives to helping others through their spiritual gifts. They may feel lonely at times because so few people understand them; however, purple aura people attract like-minded individuals who will love them for who they truly are on the inside.

Purple is an ancient color associated with spirituality, royalty (the king/queen would wear purple robes) as well as wisdom. Purple has been used for centuries in ceremonies such as weddings or funerals because it represents peace & understanding between two families coming together under one roof.”

Red aura

Red aura means that you are a very passionate person. Your energy level is high and you have a lot of courage. You always look for new challenges and never give up easily. If you see yourself having red aura, then it’s time to explore your inner self!

Red is associated with the root chakra, which relates to survival instincts and our base emotions such as anger, fear, hatred etc.; the element fire; heart chakra (related with love)

Turquoise aura

Turquoise aura means that you are a very creative person. You always have an answer to every problem and know how to deal with challenges in your life. If you see yourself having turquoise aura, then it’s time to explore your inner self! Turquoise is associated with the throat chakra (related with communication), fifth chakra (related with creativity)

White aura

  • White aura is the most common aura color.
  • A white aura indicates that the person is pure of heart and mind, and in control of their emotions.
  • It also means there is a good chance they will live a long life.
  • In children , it’s common to see a white aura as well as other colors such as indigo or violet (see below). This can mean that the child has a strong spiritual connection and may have psychic abilities later on in their life if they train their intuition regularly.

The energy you radiate

  • The aura is an energy field that surrounds and extends out from the body.
  • The color of your aura can tell you a lot about what’s going on in your mind and heart at any given moment, as well as how others see you.
  • Each color of the rainbow has its own meaning, so if you want to know more about the significance of a particular hue in your own auric field, read on!

Meaning of Aura Colors

These are the most common colors you’ll see in each aura, but there are many other variations. Your energy can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis and will change according to how you’re feeling. All of this means that it’s important to understand what your aura color means for YOU, not just what it might mean for others when they see it!