How to Get More Pinterest followers and reins

I love Pinterest! I would say I’m actually slightly obsessed with Pinterest… ok, maybe more than slightly. But who isn’t, right? It’s the easiest way to bookmark all of our favorite everything! Recipes, party ideas, cute outfits, crafty kid projects, things you will buy when you hit the lottery, things you wish your husband was handy enough with a saw and some wood to make…..

When I first started my business I used Pinterest boards to save all my favorite party ideas, curated by theme just so I would have them as a resource to come back to for future projects. I never even considered how Pinterest would grow, or that it would end up being the number one site sending traffic to my blog! Everyday I get hundreds of visitors to my site, all from people browsing Pinterest and clicking on a blog post or picture that strikes their curiosity.

So when I came across a new tool to help schedule your pins I was very very excited! I tend to be somewhat disorganized about my pinning activity, especially now with a toddler to keep my busy. My pinning would be limited to bursts at random times when B was either asleep or the rare moment he was occupied by some toy or game and I could pop on and scroll through my Pinterest feed.

Now, thanks to Viraltag I can load all my pins up, quickly and easily, schedule the best time for them to be pinned and I’m done. It’s great! Now I have so much more control over what content is pinned and when, maximizing my chances of grabbing someone’s attention. The process of gaining Pinterest followers is normally so time-consuming, especially when compared to instagram where you can just use an instagram growth service.

I can set my favorite recipe finds to all post in the afternoon, when mom’s are likely to be looking for dinner ideas. My most popular pics are scheduled to repin every few days and to different boards, which refreshes my reader returns and gains more repins so older blog posts don’t just get buried in the archives forever.

Give Viraltag a try and I’m sure you’ll see how quickly and easily you’ll be able to increase your Pinterest too!

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