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Sunday is my day to sit down and schedule out our plans for the week. I pull out our family calendar, make my to-do lists, mark our appointments and plan the week ahead. I write down everything I want to accomplish in our week, including our meals. Meal planning saves us time and money. When I take the time to plan our weekly meals I always find that we eat healthier and avoid fast-food or take-out meals.

Spinach stuffed shells recipe

Coming up with a new meal plan every week can be a bit stressful. I’ve found that the best way to avoid falling into a dinner rut is to keep a list of go-to favorite meals. My family especially loves pasta night! We’re all big fans of pasta dishes, so we look forward to sitting down to a comforting, delicious pasta meal atleast once a week.

Did you know October is National Pasta Month? I found a great pasta recipe at and made it for my family to try. They LOVED it! Best of all, it’s a healthy, delicious dinner idea I can add to our rotation.

Pasta recipes

Pasta is the perfect meal for so many reasons. It’s a healthy choice, it’s affordable, and it’s easy to make. Recent research actually shows that people who eat pasta have an overall healthier diet than those who don’t. As if you need a reason to eat more pasta, right?

spinach recipes

But truly, pasta dishes are not only comfort foods, they’re a healthier. wallet-friendly choice when it comes to planning what to put on the dinner table. Our grocery bill has grown recently, so we’re always looking for ways to stretch our dollars and save money. Pasta is a great solution for feeding your family for less.

I found this recipe for Healthier Stuffed Shells online at . It’s easy to make and tastes so good, you have to try it! I promise, it’s a family dinner idea that you’re whole crew will love!

Healthy Stuffed Shells recipe

spinach stuffed shells recipe

I love that this recipe incorporates veggies in a way that my kiddos don’t even notice. It’s a great way to sneak in those vegetables that kids might typically shy away from. My boys are too busy scraping their plates to even notice all the nutritional goodness I’ve snuck in. It’s the perfect combo of pasta, sauce and cheese!

In celebration of National Pasta Month, I invite you to share your favorite pasta recipe. Or just tell us your favorite pasta dish. I would love to know what comfort foods make your list when it comes to choosing dinner dishes. Give this Healthy Stuffed Shells recipe a try. I’m sure it will make your dinner rotation list!

Healthy Stuffed Shells Recipe - Pasta Dish
Healthy Stuffed Shells Recipe - Pasta Dish