Free Easter Printables Set- Frosted Events www.frostedevents.comNow that Brady is on the move we are excited about our first big Easter egg hunt next weekend!  We’ve been practicing, hiding eggs all around the house.  He’s been a big helper with my crafting projects lately, for about fifteen minutes at least, then his little attention span turns to something else.  I have set-up a little area in my office for him to “help” by tearing up pieces of scrapbook paper and sticking stickers on discarded boxes.  One year olds (sigh)… so thankful for nap time! It’s so hard to get anything done being a stay at home mom and managing a business.

I designed these cute Easter printables (after bedtime, lol!) to use as decorations around the house and for our Easter brunch party.  Click on the image below, save to your computer and print on photo paper or heavy card stock.  Then simply cut and use as your imagination guides you.

Happy Easter!