All-Inclusive Party Package

Our party package covers every detail of your celebration, including:

  • digital invitation
  • party host to plan and coordinate your event
  • decorations to match your chosen theme
  • party craft/activity
  • entertainment and games
  • costumes, accessories and dress-up fun (not available for all themes)
  • goody bags
  • digital party photos

Party package is for 8 guests, including guest of honor    $395   (add $20 for each additional guest)


Party Upgrades


  • Kids table and chair rental               $50

  • Cake or Cupcake Cake                        $60

  • Snack Station, including chicken finger platter, fruit or veggie tray, pirates booty and pretzel snacks, juice boxes and water bottles

  •    for 12     $130        for 16    $170       for 20   $210

  • Stuff-able Activity          $9 per guest