Designing a nursery for a sweet baby girl can be so exciting, but a bit overwhelming.  There are so many adorable themes and ideas to choose from.   If you love soft glamour then a pink and gold color scheme is perfect for a little princess nursery.  Pink painted walls look luxe with glittery gold framed photos or a decadent stencil design.  A gilded crib with plush pink  bedding makes a pretty place for a starlet to get her beauty sleep.  Adding posh touches such as a lamp with a golden base or some lovely pink ruffled curtains.

We love these ideas for combining a soft pink with luxe gold touches.

Pink and Gold Nursery Ideas & Inspiration

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Pink & Gold Nursery (top left, bottom left)-

Pink & Gold Garland (middle left)-

Baby Headband (top right)-

Pink Flower Headband (bottom right)-

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