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How the Kopa App Helps with my PsoriasisI’ve shared a little bit about my life after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. One of the more uncomfortable and aggravating changes  I’ve struggled with since my diagnosis is psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a chronic disease that affects the skin, causing red, scaly patches of skin to appear. My psoriasis usually shows up on my scalp and elbows. It’s often triggered by stress or when my immune system is fighting off an infection.
Even though prescription treatments and ointments help, dealing with psoriasis can really affect your physical and mental health. When my psoriasis outbreaks occur, I tend to struggle with mood swings and avoid social situations where I feel embarrassed. It can be overwhelming!
How the Kopa App Helps with my Psoriasis
Happily Health has created a new app platform called Kopa for Psoriasis to help people who struggle with psoriasis. It’s a place where people living with psoriasis can find support and learn more about their condition.
The Kopa for Psoriasis app is easy to use. It offers many helpful resources and expert advice on how to manage symptoms, available treatment options and ways to improve your lifestyle and mental health habits.
How the Kopa App Helps with my Psoriasis
Kopa for Psoriasis is also an online community where people can share tips and advice with other members, judgement-free. Getting support from other psoriasis sufferers and health care professionals is a big help when you’re coping with this condition. Being able to connect with people like me and share stories has been life changing for me!
How the Kopa App Helps with my Psoriasis
Having a support system and a place to share is so important, and Kopa provides that in a safe and positive way. I can ask questions, share advice and learn what’s working for others in a place that’s completely judgment-free. Having access to info from medical experts helps me feel more in control and able to manage my symptoms. Kopa gives me a positive support system to help focus on my mental health and facing the challenges of living with psoriasis.
Visit the Kopa for Psoriasis website and download the Kopa for Psoriasis app for iPhone or Android.