Epic Google experiment, Lightsaber Escape, is the coolest new thing to come from the Google lab. Star Wars fans can turn their phone into a lightsaber and battle stormtroopers on your computer browser. AWESOME!

Epic Google Project Turns Phone Into Lightsaber Star Wars Fans Battle Stormtroopers Online

Want to give it a try? Head to Lightsaber Escape and follow the instructions. You’ll need to calibrate your smartphone by holding with the computer as directed.

You don’t have to use Chrome to experience the Lightsaber Escape, it works across mobile and desktop browsers. Once you’ve got it setup you simply wave your phone across the screen to fight your way through the Deathstar battling Storm Troopers and destroying the dark side.

Disney and Google Chrome teamed up for this fun project, in addition to other Google Star Wars experiences previously released.

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