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Joy for All Pets by Hasbro GIve Your Loved Ones Companionship Joy for All Pets by Hasbro GIve Your Loved Ones Companionship My grandmother is the most wonderful person you will ever meet. She’s a graceful southern lady with impeccable manners, a strong spirit and a heart of gold. So many of my fondest childhood memories are of visiting her and my grandfather, taking trips to the beach with them every summer and spending the holidays gathered around their kitchen table.

When my grandfather passed away a few years ago we all worried that about how she would be without him. She loved him so much, it was so hard to see her grieve over the loss of her true love. Often she would tell me that it was the loneliness that made her sad more than anything. Going from being with someone every single day to living in an empty, silent house was hard on her and while she liked her independence, she felt very lonely.

Joy for All Pets by Hasbro GIve Your Loved Ones CompanionshipWhen I discovered HASBRO’S JOY FOR ALL™ Companion Pets I thought it  would be a great gift for my grandmother to give her a sense of companionship and help her feel less alone. She sometimes mentions how she would love to have a pet but doesn’t think she would be able to care for one.

Joy For All Companion Pets look and feel like the real thing. They have soft fur that’s incredibly realistic and built in sensors that respond to motion and touch. The Pet Pup will look toward you when you speak and respond with pup-like sounds thanks to the built-inBarkBack™ technology. Pet Cats purr and move like real cats when you show them love. This unique two-way interaction can help bring joy and companionship to you and your aging loved ones. Joy for All Pets by Hasbro GIve Your Loved Ones Companionship

Right out of the box my grandmother smiled at the sight of the Joy For All Pets. She loved how adorable they were and couldn’t stop rubbing their furry backs. I loved seeing how the kids all gathered around to give our new furry friends a pat and a snuggle too! Pretty soon everyone was cuddled up on the couch, four-legged friends sitting on laps getting petted and loved on.

Hasbro has a long tradition of creating the world’s best play experiences, and the JOY FOR ALL brand represents an extension of that tradition, striving to bring happiness and fun to aging loved ones and their families. The Joy For All Pets are a great gift for anyone in your family who could use a friend, whether it’s to help them cope with loneliness or just to bring a little more love and laughter to their daily lives.  Head to to purchase your very own JOY FOR ALL COMPANION PET  today and use JOY2016 for 10% off your purchase.

Joy for All Pets by Hasbro GIve Your Loved Ones Companionship



Note: Batteries included:4 x 1.5V C Alkaline BatteriesCompanion pets can be muted and turned on and off too. 

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